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飞虎之雷霆极战 (粤语) episode 1

一伙神秘的势力在中国香港进行犯罪行为,城市安全问题箭在弦上。中国香港飞虎队队长骆家成(苗侨伟饰)在处长的授意下,从警界挑选精英,成立特别行动组A team, 队员包括行动组长汪国栋(黄宗泽饰)、调查组长章文龙(吴卓羲饰演)、情报组长丁浩然(马国明饰)、 情报组组员毛逸敏(蔡洁饰)、鉴证组组长姚嘉楠(余香凝饰)。

An all new story unrelated to the first series. It will focus on terrorism and international conflicts between Hong Kong and the UK.
Filming began in October 2018 and will take place both domestically and in London. Hollywood actor Lee Pace will be filming with the cast for 4 weeks.