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A complicated love triangle forms between an aging bachelor playboy, his wife-to-be and her stepmother. The man, thinking that he has met the girl of his dreams, asks her to marry him. But after he proposes to the girl, he realises that the girl’s stepmother was his first love from long ago. Even though he and the stepmother pretend not to know each other at first, he starts to have feelings for his first love again as his own wedding date gets nearer.

本片讲述了“心理治疗师”Dr.宝(刘嘉玲 饰)与两位女儿嘉欣(卫诗雅 饰)、嘉琪(王菀之 饰)以及嘉欣男友梁华生(任达华 饰)一家人之间姻差缘错、啼笑皆非的欢乐喜事。香港逾百位大牌艺人齐聚荧幕,狗年贺岁!