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TX特训基地内,方寒在得知女友罗菲在执行卧底任务中牺牲,悲痛不已,同时,基地参与的剿灭枪、毒贩龙垒的行动因不明原因而遭遇失败,伤亡惨重,主犯龙垒逃跑,方寒在禁毒处处长韩楚东晓之以理地劝说下决定接替罗菲未完成的任务,深入南方城市沧澜,找出杀害罗菲的凶手,一举捣毁贩 毒组织。

Fang Han whose girlfriend, an undercover agent named Luo Fei, is killed in the line of duty. To make matters worse, the team that Fang Han works for proves to be unsuccessful in putting a stop to criminals engaged in gun smuggling and drug dealing. They suffer heavy casualties and the criminal mastermind escapes. Under the behest of the police chief, Fang Han decides to finish the mission that his late girlfriend started. He goes undercover to put a stop to the drug ring and ultimately bring Luo Fei's killer to justice.