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Tsui is renowned as an excellent healing author as well as a young successful man. His pieces are called "Chicken Soup for the Soul" for soothing many readers' soul and spirit. The public image of Tsui is a kindhearted family man who loves his wife deeply, though, he has inherited his wealth from his father. Since a trendy and charming lady, Elaine, had moved to live in the upper floor flat of Tsui's apartment, Tsui was facing a great impact on his calm and dull life. One night, Elaine was found dead on the platform of the residence. Tsui admitted to the Police that he had accidentally killed Elaine in anger by pushing her down the platform because Elaine kept on blackmailing him. But then, the case file is not closed as the Police's psychologist, Doctor So, believes that Tsui is not telling the truth after attentive observation from him. There are still several suspectable points in the case. Through serious investigation, Doctor So, eventually discovers that Tsui's wife, Kay, had already known Tsui had an affair with Elaine. Therefore, Doctor So has suspected that Elaine might be killed by Kay out of her hatred and in a spirit of revenge. After all, Who is the murderer? What is the story behind the truth?

被誉为最出色治愈系作家-徐哲,年轻、有楼、做着自己喜欢的事,是成功的典范。他的文字被誉为心灵鸡汤,抚慰着无数读者的心灵。从他的作品,可以知道他是个善良、有原则、爱妻顾家的好男人。然而,他的财富,却是承继父亲所得。 一日,在徐哲家楼上的单位来了一个新租客,为徐哲平淡似水的生活带来巨大冲击;新租客Elaine是个美艳动人的时尚女子。某夜,Elaine突然陈尸屋苑平台。警方接手调查,徐哲直认自己被Elaine勒索,暴怒之下错手推了Elaine落楼。案件本来应该完结,但警方的心理专家苏Sir在细心观察徐哲之下,认为他在说谎,而且整件事还存在不少疑点。

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