Nessun Dorma - 兇手還未睡 (2016)

简介:  Based on the novel ‘The Killer Is Still Awake’ written by script writer Erica Lee, Hong Kong acclaimed director Herman Yau works together with Lee (who co-wrote the script) for the fourth time, hoping to give something new to the audience. Primary school mathematics teacher Brian (Andy Hui) befriends the founder of Beloved Dogs, Jasmine (Janice Man) when she looks after Brian’s pet dog. Working as a volunteer with Beloved Dogs, a non-profit organization which takes care of unwanted dogs, Brian and Jasmine soon falls in love. However, Jasmine unwilling accepts the proposal from a rich businessman, Vincent (Gordon Lam), under her parent’s pressure. A week before the wedding, Jasmine seeks to patch up with a heartbroken Brian, but to no avail. Shortly after that, Jasmine was kidnapped by a mysterious man who strips her naked and tied her up on the bed, playing the song ‘Nessun Dorma’ from Puccini’s Turandot…

上映日期: 27/10/2016
类型: 犯罪,剧情,惊吓
主演: 林家棟、文詠珊、許志安、余安安


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