Movie plot

In a world where people with "special" abilities are living in poverty, Conner Reed (Robbie Amell) is a powerful young man who is struggling to pay for his ailing mother's medical treatment. To earn money, he joins a lucrative criminal world led by Garrett (Stephen Amell), who works for a drug lord (Greg Bryk).

曾经的“未来之城”林肯城,4%人口具有超能力,其中大多数却在自动化潮流中陷入贫困与歧视的泥沼,日渐成为社会负担甚至隐患,康纳·里德(罗比·艾梅尔 饰)便是这样一名青年临时工——面对母亲的天价医疗费,债台高筑的他不得不铤而走险,直面铁面无情的机械军警卫士。

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