Movie plot

A cat-and-mouse game unfolds over a single night when three armed criminals barge into a morgue, demanding the forensic doctor and his assistant to hand over a bullet lodged inside a corpse. While the criminals are in a desperate attempt to hide their true identities, the doctor finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into a quagmire as his past inadvertently catches up with him. Each explosive twist soon pushes the characters beyond their limits.

雨夜,香港法医中心遭遇一伙训练有素的悍匪的洗劫。来者挟持陈嘉豪(张家辉 饰)乔琳(杨紫 饰)两位法医,逼迫他们寻找一具特殊尸体并找出尸体体内的一颗子弹。法医在解剖的过程中发现,子弹事关一场黑帮血拼的大案,而匪首SANTA(任贤齐 饰)的身份也另有蹊跷。为了保护证物揭开真相,手无寸铁的陈嘉豪乔琳,利用身边一切可以利用的器械,和法医中心的特殊地势进行布局反击。逐渐被激怒的匪徒越发狂躁嗜血,陷入绝境的法医们,无畏楼毁人亡的危机,决心硬刚到底!

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